Line Amplifiers

Amplifiers series are divided in two categories:

  1. Loss Compartment Cable
    They offer individual filters VHF-UHF and modulations so that a gain increases without any intermodulation is achieved. They are intended for two televisions and are adjusted with attenuators from 0-20db, separately for every band. Connection is done through F connectors and the embodied supplying is provided with a CE trademark. Models are being manufactured, for their use in campings, boats, and cars e.t.c.

  2. Polycompact PC Series
    Final line amplifiers They are used in large central installations (hotels, settlements) and combines with the appropriate amplifiers, cover from 50 up to 150 sockets. They are installed in a metal chassis with separate inputs, special shielding for the termination of possible parasites intermodulation. Split band amplification provides signal rejection and power increase with low noise level. In each input there are attenuators 5 to 20db. The set-in power supply is provided with the CE trademark. Their connection is done by connectors of low loss IEC or F (on request).
Line Amplifiers: Connecting Ways
Line Amplifiers Connecting Ways

SR 152

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